How to apply cat like eyeliner wing

how to apply cat like eyeliner wing

They're both fairly common traits, yet you rarely find tips for how to actually wear winged liner on them—either the line ends up way too thick or my eyelid eats whatever I trace on it. When I tried to apply eyeliner , I sort of just had to trust the spoon instead of take control myself.

How To Apply Winged Eyeliner With A Spoon To Achieve Perfect Cat Eyes — PHOTOS

These brushes can be super flexible, which allows for very delicate—but they can also be TOO flexible, which can lead to mistakes.

Instead of being able to draw the lines myself, I was basically just filling in, which might not be a bad thing for others who just want a guideline. The end result was indeed dramatic , mostly because the connecting line covered half my lid. Follow our step by step tutorial to create cat-eyes and wings that are sharp enough to kill.

How to Create Perfect Winged Eyeliner?

Let the flick follow the angle of that line and your wings should be symmetrical. Carefully peel the tape off and make any touchups, if necessary.

HOW TO: Perfect Winged Eyeliner - 8 Steps for Perfect Cat Eye Everytime

The wikiHow Video Team also followed the article's instructions, and validated that they work. Last up: While it worked, I don't think I'd use this technique again. I mean, it makes sense.

This Easy Winged Eyeliner Hack Is Going Viral on Reddit

Made Recently. MDL1994 said she "stamps" a line along the wing with her Beautyblender , which helps carve out the line even more.

Tips Felt-tip eyeliners are easy to use, and offer a great amount of control. Scotch Tape Stencil. Each side of the tool is shaped just slightly different to help create varying angles and liner shapes.

how to apply cat like eyeliner wing

Cecilia Flores. For a more dramatic look, angle the tape towards the end of your eyebrow instead.

how to apply cat like eyeliner wing

The pointed tip will allow you to get into corners and clean along lines without accidentally smudging the eyeliner. I've interviewed the top pros in the business and I can recite all the advice they've given me over the years, but putting it into practice on myself never works, especially since I've got deep-set eyes eyes that sit farther back behind your browbone and hooded lids an extra layer of skin that droops over my crease.

Physically, it's a little piece of rubber that looks vaguely like a guitar pick.