Whats in your purse scavenger hunt game

Therefore, there is another fun option.

Purse Scavenger Hunt List

Another fun way to use this activity is at a women's retreat. The instructions are super simple: Bridesmaids keep track of the points and announce them at the end.

whats in your purse scavenger hunt game

Pin 35. If it smells too much like a fix, polite ladies could transform into mutinous sailors.

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Go And Hunt — Instead of searching through their purses, players have to do a regular scavenger hunt and go find all the items on the list. In this game, your party-goers will be raiding through their own purses.

Here's a list of scavenger hunt items you might want to include.

whats in your purse scavenger hunt game

Be sure to add a few items from your own region or perhaps based on the season. If you're in college and all your friends carry backpacks, simply add a few "school specific" items and have a blast with your roommates. Ask it here and our community will answer!

whats in your purse scavenger hunt game

Remember to add some "regional specific" items to the purse scavenger hunt list. Fun Purse Scavenger Hunt Now you may be thinking...

Baby Shower Scavenger Hunt

Leave me a comment in the box below. The guests will then need to follow the clues, and go find those gifts.

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