How to make dreadlocks using yarn

How to Make Yarn Dreads: Pros & Cons

This offers a beautiful example of how to take fiber and using no needles or no intensive crafting, you can create a colorful and exotic style with just a wrap of many strands of fiber. If you really want while they are still damp, you can give them another 10 min tumble in the dryer.

Much love x Like Liked by 1 person. You can wear a variety of styles with this chosen style whether you decide to pin it up, wear it in a side-ponytail or simply rock a freestyle hairdo. Go for one of these idea and get that new look going! Making the Dreads 1st half of tute: Place the damp wool dread back on you leg towel and pull and rub again!

Take the hair strand and split it in two section; using half of the dread as the third strand, braid together.

How to Make Yarn Braids and Yarn Dreads

Just some photos in order to show the rest of my process. Go back and repeat this process until you have a good mess of dreads for the next step! To wash the yarn dreads, you will soak them with shampoo, then rinse hair with water. Either way you do it, secure the end of the braid with an elastic.

how to make dreadlocks using yarn

Remember to preserve your dreads by sleeping in a bonnet each night. How about some of these styles on Pinterest that actually show braids with the fiber? If you are having trouble picturing it, think of it this way...

Wool Dreadlock Tutorial

Do you have any helpful tips on how to get two different colors of pre-dyed together for an ombre effect? About This Article.

how to make dreadlocks using yarn

Crappy elastics will be the bane of your existence. Skip to content.

how to make dreadlocks using yarn

Anything to keep your sanity. Full-On Fiber Dreads The photo below is somewhere between a braid and a dread. If you have cats, this is the part where you shoo them into another room and close the door.

There you have it! Once hair is clean, you must use a bonnet or hooded dryer to ensure hair is adequately dry. The photo below is somewhere between a braid and a dread. Download 26 seasons of Simpsons. After reaching the root, roll the dread again into an oval shape to form a temporary dread.

Do so one at a time and very carefully, the wool will fall apart if you pull on it too hard.

how to make dreadlocks using yarn