What does transdisciplinary learning mean

what does transdisciplinary learning mean

How is it connected to other things? Facebook Twitter. Do all cultures express their nature and feelings in the same way? Of equal importance is the need to acquire skills in context, and to explore content that is relevant to students and that transcends the boundaries of the traditional subjects. Boyer 1995. Transdisciplinary learning requires that all teachers are involved and collaborate.

what does transdisciplinary learning mean

Ultimately, transdisciplinary learning goes further by helping students grow and learn at a deeper level, and we are delighted to offer this opportunity for learning to our students across all primary grades — preschool through 5th grade — at The Magellan International School.

Where does creativity come from? At the heart of the PYP curriculum is transdisciplinary teaching and learning. Why is it like this?

what does transdisciplinary learning mean

How are beliefs connected to the way we express ourselves? The themes are: Also published on Medium.

Transdisciplinary Teaching & Learning

However, it is also recognized that educating students in a set of isolated subject areas, while necessary, is not sufficient. Through different ways of exploration, students develop a layered understanding of themselves and the connections they have with the rest of humanity. Why has the concept of aesthetic changed through time? To be truly educated, a student must also make connections across the disciplines, discover ways to integrate the separate subjects, and ultimately relate what they learn to life.

The themes are:.

Transdisciplinary Education: Learning that is Authentic and Relevant

ESF Gateway. Transdisciplinary Education: This results in building meaningful and enduring understandings for students. In Music, students might analyze and explore beliefs and values expressed through New Age music.

what does transdisciplinary learning mean

This theme is deeply explored by asking students conceptual questions such as: At The Magellan International School, learning is not confined by traditional subjects but is supported and enriched by them.