How to draw skateboard shoes

The 30 Best Signature Skate Shoes of All Time

Before starting Proper, you were at Nike. One model, one color way. Sometimes the generic email address will get you a response but most times not… Make Google your new best friend, LinkedIn can be very handy also. I would rather sell direct to the kids, or drive it to skate shops ourselves if possible.

how to draw skateboard shoes

Start by hitting up smaller companies, or local shops, or really anyone who can help you get your work in front of people. This should all be covered before you start drawing. The more you know, the more you grow, as they say.

how to draw skateboard shoes

November 15, 2014 1: Flow to Am to Pro if you wanna get all skateboardy with terminology. I got paid several Kill Fees from Element before something I did for them was actually produced! Can you mention some other shoes you worked on in the past?

With a little help from Tony Hawk we now have a decent skateboard emoji.

I like that pitch, you have to write that one down. I also try to do as much apparel, print, or extra work as possible. May 5, 2017 1: May 5, 2017 3: Build relationships, keep in touch, but not so much that it becomes overbearing. June 27, 2014 6: August 11, 2014 4: Skateboard art is one of the coolest mediums there is for an artist. With no formal announcement on the company yet, we got the first details of what will surely become one of the most respected and authentic brands around.

how to draw skateboard shoes

Have you ever tripped on acid or use any mind altering substance to get more creative with shoe designs? Did they make you do any rituals or some sort of oath when you worked there?

This goes back to having thick skin. Or you can do like people that actually make money do and design graphics for real companies that have nothing to do with skateboarding, or get a job at an actual agency.