What exit is bridgeport ct

Peapod delivers groceries right to your door at the time that you select.

what exit is bridgeport ct

You are here: Travel Scrapbook - Make a scrapbook while on vaction. Child Travel Tips - How to keep the kids busy while traveling. Shirts, shorts, and swimwear.

Bridgeport, CT

When we travel to the beaches we normally use I 95, but there are certain times during the day that it has heavy traffic. They have souveniers galore and traveling items. Branford, Downtown, East Main St.

what exit is bridgeport ct

Reroute using Route 1 or the Merritt Parkway. The best time to travel during the week is between 10: Q Bridge - Traveling over Pearl Harbor Bridge The worst spots to get stuck in traffic that is crawling along , is in New Haven, going over the Q bridge, and if there is an accident, forget it. Food, lodging, but we couldn't see anything.

what exit is bridgeport ct

The best time to travel on the weekends is early in the morning, or late at night. This is where we got our coffee maker that plugs in the lighter socket.

Bridgeport, Connecticut

Alpaca Blanket - This has got to be the warmest, softest blanket I have ever felt, and great for winter travel, especially in New England! If you have a radar detector you may want to shut it off, because they have radar and video cams every mile, and the beeping will drive you crazy.

Now we can have coffee on the road anytime we want. Connecticut Peapod - Save time and money, grocery shop online in Connecticut. It used to be called the Connecticut Turnpike, and they even had toll booths.

Print this page and take it with you for an easy reference, and don't forget to wear your seat belts. They stopped using the tolls after a major accident years ago.