Phone without camera but with whatsapp

phone without camera but with whatsapp

But the phone was still quite basic. Plus, it's a flip phone, which you've got to love. When in doubt, consider getting one of these non-camera smartphones instead. Just a phone that I'm gonna use for reservist.

phone without camera but with whatsapp

The Light 2 is currently funding on Indiegogo and promises features including texting with a QWERTY keyboard , directions, alarm clocks, and a contact list.

Sorry, I don't know whether non-smart phones can install apps like Whatsapp.

Nokia E51 no-camera

You can place calls, send texts, store contacts, and even take terrible-quality photographs with the 0. Is it a deal-breaker? On the plus side, the plastic screen feels significantly more hard-wearing than the touchscreen glass on an iPhone. Besides buying a non-camera smartphone, an alternative is to remove the camera on a camera-enabled smartphone.

I like this article! I like the idea, but not so much the implementation.

The best basic phones

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Speaking of charging, it comes with a dock! And the 1.

phone without camera but with whatsapp

Samsung Galaxy ace. You just made me one step closer to ditching my smartphone. Use a Jeezas Phone or bust.

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However today smartphone technology has advanced so much that even feature phones launched recently support WhatsApp Messenger. Here's what I found, starting with the very best...

If you're looking for a simple, low-cost phone with WhatsApp, check out the touch screen phones with Android Go. The Light Phone takes its minimalist aesthetic to the extreme. Everything else is obsolete.

phone without camera but with whatsapp

I don't want to carry a tablet around either. With its plastic shell and light weight, there's a good chance this phone will survive a fall without getting damaged.