How to blend crayola colored pencils

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how to blend crayola colored pencils

They become flattened by pressure and the paper can easily distort and tear. The blending method rids the surface of any texture left in the drawing.

how to blend crayola colored pencils

Again, experimentation is key, so be sure to test out each on a scrap of the drawing paper you're working with before applying any of these to an actual drawing. These are applied over top of the colored pencil and should only be done on really sturdy paper.

how to blend crayola colored pencils

These do look very different from a straight colored pencil drawing. Each will produce a slightly different look and some require a few extra supplies. Colored pencils with this type of core are artist and professional grade. Even the smoothest type of paper still presents a challenge to colored pencils. The image above shows three different colors: Burnishing—adding as much pigment as your paper will hold—is often used, but you can get away with lighter layers with the right pencil-paper combination.

Colored Pencils

There are two really great colorless pencil blenders on the market: Share Flipboard Email. You might even consider doing swatch samples in one of your drawing books.

how to blend crayola colored pencils

Another option that can be used to even greater effect when blending is to employ a solvent. Blending is to coloring what harmony is to singing- a whole different level of sophistication.

how to blend crayola colored pencils

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Learn How to Blend With Colored Pencils

Applying too heavy of a layer first is one of the biggest mistakes you can make, so start slow and build up the colors. In high-quality pencils with a lot of pigment, you'll also notice that some colors blend more easily due to the type of pigment they contain.

How to Smoothly Blend with Color Pencils! ♡

Unlike the solvents and blenders, the white or very light colored pencils such as cream, sky blue, light peach or beige lighten up the surface while burnishing it. It is one of the strongest blends you can get.

They offer fine-tuned blending and can be a valuable addition to your pencil kit.