What are the best jazz fusion albums

Weather Report, along with Mahavishnu Orchestra and Miles Davis, are known as pioneers in jazz fusion, but Weather Report far outlasted most of its contemporaries and had a successful career spanning two decades.

what are the best jazz fusion albums

Larry Coryell: Really fusiony but more rock and Latin than jazz. Taking up where Moacir Santos left off, is A Brazilian Love Affair — fusion, ramped-up exotica or a curtain-raiser for world music? But I always thought early yes should be classified as jazz fusion.

Best Jazz Fusion Albums of All Time

The Grand Wazoo 1973 - Frank Zappa 24. THE best bass work in any genre by Jaco. All of my choices have already been mentioned at least a couple of times but I'll second "Ask the Ages" by Sonny Sharrock.

what are the best jazz fusion albums

Only now is it beginning to be re-evaluated. At the time I could bang out intense guitar for 4 - 5 hours straight. Join Date Oct 2012 Posts 142. Jean Michel Jarre: School Days 1976 - Stanley Clarke 49.

Jazz Fusion Albums

Dixie Dregs, Free Fall--coming from a Southern rock background but with elements of jazz and classical. Crossings 1972 - Herbie Hancock 53. Weather Report was a jazz fusion band in the 70s and 80s who took America by storm with their self-titled debut album that featured a Czech bassist, Austrian-born keyboard player, and American saxophonist.

Jack DeJohnette's Directions: David Pritchard - Light Year...

what are the best jazz fusion albums

At the same time, some rock artists began adding jazz elements to their music. Herbie Hancock Headhunters.