How to fiberglass over foam mold

Before pouring money into what might be an experiment, you might consider cheaper.

how to fiberglass over foam mold

Do you already have an account? I like working with my hands and am happiest when I'm in the shop building my creations. Mr Efficiency Jan 25, 2019.

Simple Methods for Molding Fiberglass and Carbon Fiber

Honus BryanS145 Reply 2 years ago. My idea is to use the 2" thick pink polystyrene foam from home store and build a 15' flat bottom "carolina skiff" like shape - very simple shape - gluing polystyrene together with epoxy then covering the entire structure with fiberglass fabric and epoxy resin so that the entire structure is fully encased.

how to fiberglass over foam mold

So I'm trying to make a mold of a laser rifle from fallout, how much would it cost to make? That's the technique used for windsurfing boards with epoxy, not polyester that eats polystyrene , but the foam is used just for "filling the void" and shaping, not as a sandwich core foam, PVC foam is used for the sandwich skin.

question: Polystyrene & fiberglass

Search Search for: But thin enough that it can be heat pressed into any shape we need. One trick I do when using woven cloth is I pre cut my cloth and stick it down on my pattern with some 3M Super77 spray cement and then wet the woven cloth out with resin using a short bristled paintbrush.

The volume of the molded tub turned out to be perfect for a 10" subwoofer and it sounds great without taking up additional trunk space- and I get to keep my spare tire!

how to fiberglass over foam mold

The taped foam then gets a coating of mold release wax. OKAY here goes, I want to speed up production! Share this: This will leave you with a clean interior as the wax will also remove the remaining foam paste that failed to pour out. Oct 2004 Posts: So are you molding an entirely new piece or are you adding a carbon layer to the wood trim piece?

How to Make a Foam Mold for Fiberglass

Step 2: Hfeucht 3 years ago. How should i go about it? As the foam melts you can reach into your hollow part and pull out the packing tape and you are left with a hollow molding.

how to fiberglass over foam mold

Make sure to leave a section uncovered- this is where the foam will be melted.