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Last week he wanted to be a dentist. For a long time, evolutionary psychologists have claimed that we are all imprinted with adaptive imperatives from a distant past: For nearly as long as civilization has existed, patriarchy—enforced through the rights of the firstborn son—has been the organizing principle, with few exceptions.

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Clearly, some percentage of boys are just temperamentally unsuited to college, at least at age 18 or 20, but without it, they have a harder time finding their place these days. They come to train to be nurses and teachers—African American women, usually a few years older than traditional college students, and lately, working-class white women from the suburbs seeking a cheap way to earn a credential.

horrible vlde0 how man can do this

Men dominate just two of the 15 job categories projected to grow the most over the next decade: High-profile female killers have been showing up regularly in the news: The picture emerging is a mirror image of the traditional gender map: Gender balance, she wrote back then, is the elephant in the room. In their desperation to reach out to boys, some colleges have formed football teams and started engineering programs.

horrible vlde0 how man can do this

But in the U. Men in ancient Greece tied off their left testicle in an effort to produce male heirs; women have killed themselves or been killed for failing to bear sons.

horrible vlde0 how man can do this

The worst-hit industries were overwhelmingly male and deeply identified with macho: Jennifer Delahunty, the dean of admissions and financial aid at Kenyon College, in Ohio, let this secret out in a 2006 New York Times op-ed.

A typical female applicant, she said, manages the process herself—lines up the interviews, sets up a campus visit, requests a visit with faculty members. The list of growing jobs is heavy on nurturing professions, in which women, ironically, seem to benefit from old stereotypes and habits.

The End of Men

Cultural and economic changes always reinforce each other. Office work has been steadily adapting to women—and in turn being reshaped by them—for 30 years or more.

The economic and cultural power shift from men to women would be hugely significant even if it never extended beyond working-class America. Still, they are in charge.

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In some clinics, Ericsson has said, the ratio is now as high as 2 to 1. Remember last year? Burress, a cute, short, African American 24-year-old grad student who is getting a doctor-of-pharmacy degree, had many of the same complaints I heard from other young women.