How to install a raid controller

Как настроить RAID на настольном ПК Dell

What type depends on the flavor of Windows:. Yes No. Transferring an existing operating system is tricky, and with older versions of Windows, sometimes impossible. Partition and format the array.

How to Configure a RAID on a Dell PowerEde R710 R610 Server PERC6i

Find more details. Akitio NT2 U31C review: Otherwise, back up your important data.

How to Set Up RAID on Your PC

Use the up and down arrow keys to select your controller from the list of available SCSI adapters, which might include:. This article has also been viewed 43,458 times.

how to install a raid controller

How to delete Google from your life. You must set the controller mode to RAID.

how to install a raid controller

RAID 0 improves hard drive performance by splitting data over multiple hard drives, but offers no data protection. Decide what type of RAID you want.

how to install a raid controller

It's also more flexible with mirrors, allowing you to create them from existing volumes containing data, as well as delete either half of a mirror with the other remaining intact. Note Nothing happens right after pressing F6. You will find this information in the adapter's manual. In this article, you'll learn how to setup and how to configure RAID on your computer. Also, maintenance performed by Windows when it feels it's needed, which can occur any time there's a configuration change, hurts performance while in progress.

In this Article: Using drives of different sizes usually results in total storage capacity that's only a multiple of the smallest drive.