B 24 liberator specs howard

The B-24 had two bomb bays, both the same size as the B-17. More than 18,400 of this type were built, making it the most produced American wartime aircraft. Reuben Fleet and the Story of Consolidated Aircraft. Z-142 Choose an Aircraft... PW-5 Smyk Choose an Aircraft... N3N Canary Choose an Aircraft... Ask 13 Ask 21 Asw 20 Choose an Aircraft...

Forgot your username. While the differences may seem slight today, they weren't at the time. Equipment was added to the B-24, whereas on the B-17 it was built in.

b 24 liberator specs howard

Capable of carrying 8,000 lbs. This made it difficult to impossible for the flight crew to escape a crippled B-24.

World War II: Consolidated B-24 Liberator

The main change was going from the open window waist guns to enclosed blister windows. In addition, crews nicknamed the B-24 the "Flying Coffin" as it possessed only one exit which was located near the tail of the aircraft. Laddon, Consolidated created a high-wing monoplane that featured a deep fuselage with large bomb-bays and retracting bomb-bay doors.

b 24 liberator specs howard

Total bomb load 12,800 lbs. The high aspect ratio Davis wing employed in the design also allowed it to have a relatively high speed and extended range. A large scale conversion program ensued to fuel the gas hungry B-29 Superfortresses for the bombing campaign against Japan.

b 24 liberator specs howard

By the end of the conflict, over 18,500 B-24s had been constructed making it the most-produced heavy bomber in history. Remember me.