What is cosecant trigonometry

Mechanics would count. Each leg in a right triangle is adjacent to one of the acute angles and opposite the other acute angle.

what is cosecant trigonometry

That is, given the ratio, you can find the angle that produced it. The Six Trigonometric Ratios. The solution to the equation is given by computing. Keep this in mind: So if a and b are the lengths of the legs, and c is the hypotenuse, you must have.

what is cosecant trigonometry

These six ratios will help you find unknown side lengths and unknown angle measures in right triangles. D Incorrect.

Trigonometry/Cosecant, Secant, Cotangent

Using sec and csc is an anglo saxon tradition: Remember that a function has an input and an output. However, the values of sine and cosecant of the same angle are reciprocals. Notice that cosecant is the reciprocal of sine, while from the name you might expect it to be the reciprocal of cosine! That means the output of the sine or cosine function is always less than 1.

Summary of trigonometric identities

In the example above, on a scientific calculator you would enter 0. You get these equalities because 1 the adjacent side to angle D is 3, while this is the opposite side to angle E , and 2 the opposite side to angle D is 4, while this is the adjacent side to angle E.

Using the definition of cosecant,.

what is cosecant trigonometry

There's not much to these. The Sides of a Right Triangle. Sign up using Facebook.

what is cosecant trigonometry

Use the definition of sine. Therefore, the ratio depends only on the value of X ; it does not depend on the triangle. Their graphs are not as useful and are seldom encountered because the cosecant is undefined at values of theta where the sine has a value of zero and the secant is undefined where the cosine has a value of zero.

Reciprocal trig ratios

Remember that you get different ratios for the two acute angles, so pay careful attention to which angle you are using. Even though you are using different triangles and will have different numbers in the numerator and denominator, you will still end up with the same result. Remember that this means. The diagrams above show three triangles relating trigonometrical functions.

what is cosecant trigonometry

Example Problem For acute angle A , and.