What does pancake lens mean

A lens being "Pancake" has no direct implications about size.

Gear Basics: Is Filming with a Pancake Lens a Viable Option?

Pancakes offer a lot a bang for the buck and are usually sharp enough. More regular lenses get very sharp in the center but are softer in the borders - pancakes seem to have very good resolution across the frame, but its peak is less than that of regular designs.

what does pancake lens mean

In other words it really only does one thing. Pentax K-1. Log in or register to post comments.

what does pancake lens mean

The dramatic difference in size compared to my EF 24-70mm affects both me and my subjects. Short minimum focusing distance.

Pancake Lens Photo Techniques

Photo Tips. It shows in the pictures. Andy Day Bob Brady - January 23, 2018 Yep, I agree - the best camera in the world is no good if it never comes out of its bag. There's been a trend in digital photography toward smaller cameras and pancake lenses fit that trend perfectly. Excellent review. If you have an Instagram account: My kit is seriously sparse. Third-Party Lens Reviews.

This makes me want to dig out my 40mm and 24mm pancakes.

what does pancake lens mean

The concept of the pancake lens has interested me for a while now, so when Canon announced its 40mm pancake lens I bought one. I agree with the Terms and Conditions.

what does pancake lens mean

Is the lens as good in practice as I hoped? It is the size and weight which is the biggest advantage, and I am starting to REALLY apopreciate the sizes of lenses which wasn't even a factor for me only a few months ago. They don't have to be wide to normal angle. Sign up for Photo Tips: It is a fixed focal length lens or better known as a prime lens in today's terminology.

what is a pancake lens

Facebook Twitter Digg. If I had only one Canon lens, this would be a good candidate. It's size is the biggest advantage of using a pancake lens. I agree with everything Andrew says about this lens in the article from the great sharp portraits to the difficulty with taking landscape photos.

what does pancake lens mean

They also look kinda sexy with their tiny size!