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The story starts with Holsten, the Sheriff of Silo 18, who wants to go outside - and anyone who wants to leave the Silo is granted their wish: One The children were playing while Holston climbed to his death; he could hear them squealing as only happy children do. Would all of the pixels be dead eventually?

I love the world building, and while I wouldn't want to live in it, I found the world to be both original and very believable.

wool hugh howey filmweb

I do wonder whether this has something to do with he fact that Hugh Howey wrote the book as a series of mini-stories which would break it up to some extent anyway , but in either case it nearly ruins the book The story also kind of tails off towards the end, with very little surprise and more and comfort to tie together loose ends than anything else... I recommend it to all. No pleasure at all.

And he thought the crack in her voice was genuine regret, not just age or her ration of tobacco. On the surface, a promising post-apocalypse SF novel by first timer Hugh Howey, but the hype surrounding it acts like the digitised view of the world-beyond-the-silo, the vast bunker in which a whole society operates.

wool hugh howey filmweb

The recommendations are based on what other people who read that item would most likely read. Wool will go down in history as a genre classic. Could it be that the camera on that side was shielded against the toxic wind?

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Wool By Hugh Howey. It was the last layers of himself ground to dust; three years spent silently waiting for what would never come, each day longer than any month from his happier lifetimes. George really did die. Or was that what Holston and his people were doing even now? And with it, any chance of hope.

wool hugh howey filmweb

Each book: Sure, there were a few technical things mostly about the underwater sequence that bothered me and I think the author unnecessarily undercuts suspense with the short opening sequence to Part 3, but altogether this is a very solid book or, if you prefer to think of it that way, series of five shorter, linked books.

I cannot really go much Such a scary look at the future.

The Wool Trilogy

Holston turned and saw Mayor Jahns standing on the other side of the bars, her hands resting in the belly of her overalls. They are allowed outside. His head spun as it groped for something reasonable to latch onto, something that made sense. No me ha gustado el modo de tratar a los personajes. Nov 16, 2015 Siobhan rated it it was amazing.