How do you create tabs on blogger

Steps on How to Add Tabs at the Top of Blogger

The Result You should now see each of the content sections under a tabbed navigation like in the demo. Copy and paste the following….

how do you create tabs on blogger

I am just like your wife - no techs here! Adding contact form in a blog is absolutely necessary and by doing so you are... Yes, we explained about creating pages but that is not much detailed. Clicking on any of the categories in the link list will open a new page displaying any posts with the associated label. Thank You SO Much! Setting it to 1 could serve as a "Most Recent Post" layout.

Creating pages and adding menu tabs in Blogger blog

JaysonB8 3 years ago. You can add more now if you have them or anytime in the future.

how do you create tabs on blogger

Resources Google: Previous Post. How to Do Superscript on Facebook. Blogger allows you to add up to 20 pages to your blog, which you can use to add information about your business or the employees who maintain your blog.

How to Create Menu Tabs in Blogger

Thank you so, so much for this! Being a Page, you have the option here to choose whether or not you want to allow comments. Blog helps to bring out the in and out frame of Blogger Categorical Post Tabs.

how do you create tabs on blogger

You can also add links to any other website that you want including a static page on your blogger site! If you want to add this ability to older posts, you just need to go to the post editor and add the label exactly as in Step 4. Just so you know, Blogger and Blogspot are owned by Google and are one in the same.