When love arrives unexpectedly

She told me what mattered was she loved me.

when love arrives unexpectedly

I always like finding out how people end up falling in love. I was surprised because our dates were typically planned. I was still grumbling about being asked to do the errand as I made my way through the grocery store and to the refrigerated display cases.

Reflecting the image of God in our lives. He knows your name and knows who you are.

Unexpected Love Sayings and Quotes

Love is a terrible driver, but a great navigator. Maybe you are not ready for Love. Lord, you know I'm trying To share your love inside me And let your sweet spirit flow Lord, sometimes I am crying When I think of my failings But you promised never to let me go But there are mountains to climb And a race to be won You word tells me I'm safe In your heavenly place And......

We are really stuck getting hold of a good job for me. When she saw me and the apartment building where I lived with my parents, I knew right away she got it.

Nicholas Sparks. Shame quickly replaced fear.

Why You Can’t Go Out Seeking Love

Only you make me happy Oh, so happy To feel your tender touch Yes, it's you that makes me happy For your love Can never be too much. Kate McGahan. When love arrives Asking the questions Uniting the sections Of your being once apart When love arrives The feeling that this is the right time The stillness of night time Like a wave of love in your heart.

when love arrives unexpectedly

There were no cell phones in 1984, so my best option was to drive back and call her. God's Light....

when love arrives unexpectedly

Love is not who you were expecting. The love of your life is nobody else but you. It flows through you and it ends with you.