What class am i in college

Especially for the first class, you should make an extreme effort to be punctual.

what class am i in college

This way, you aren't wasting the sunniest hours of the day stuck inside a lecture hall. Just thought I would remind you. You get to then write obnoxious statements like, "Livingston's assertions about the primitive man are unfounded due to their reliance on Nicholson's faulty and biased theories.

That glorious luxury doesn't last long -- savor it. Maybe the sound of your alarm clock doesn't make you hate everything in the world. Who doesn't take this class? This means no impromptu gossipfests or quick frisbee games on the lawn in between classes. Or at least it's more forgivable if you're late. It's great to have your afternoon free, sure, but sacrificing your beauty sleep is rough if you're also staying up until the wee hours of the morn.

what class am i in college

Donna Marie Owens. Cathryn Sloane is a graduate of the University of Iowa. I hear the Grand Canyon is nice, but have you ever been to the Sahara in Morocco?

This benefit could actually be a disadvantage if your 9 a. It's just an hour [when] my mind's not resting, which is what most people are doing," Fox-Ponting says. Local police and campus security may soon see more students in the wee hours. Ditch everything you learned in AP English.

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Latest College Scholarships: Every student at some point in the semester is gonna roll in a few minutes late, so you can totally get away with it. Maybe you actually WANT to fill your schedule up with the earliest classes possible.

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Essay Tips: Computer science is one of the highest paying fields you can get into after college. This also gives you some time to scope out the room, land a good seat and get your materials together so you are fully prepared and not distracted when the class starts.

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These "pre-first day" assignments are typically given via e-mail, posted online or printed on the syllabus — so keep a lookout. These peers could form a great study group and be just the kind of quick support you need when an assignment makes no sense one night. Yay, productivity! Who am I and what the hell am I doing here?

what class am i in college

Using your laptop is a fast and simple way to take notes, keep up with PowerPoint slides and look up key information for discussion.