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Its hard for visiting opponents to win there, nonetheless well follow our win winning ning winning tradition by picking Florida to edge the Plainsmen, 13-6, tomor tomorrow.

Material Information Title: R ; secretary treasurer, Dick! In some respects it is experimental and in others it is educational. The regular Wednesday after afternoon noon afternoon Coffee-Hours will be sponsor sponsored ed sponsored by different groups each week at 3: Finely Elementary School in city court action this week.

A regular meeting will be held Thursday, Oct.

The Florida alligator ( September 30, 1955 )

After a two year experiment with the reserved area system, it is obvious that it is not the solution. A Victory" rally, sponsored by the Pep Club, is scheduled for tomorrow night when the Gators return from Auburn at 8: The play is a comedy involving a California family with a unique philosophy of life unlike tradition traditional al traditional lifeways. Orange and blue bulletin Alternate Title: See Goldsmith, Flavet I, 3178 "l.

michael howitz handball shoes

This party is open to all pledges and all those who are interested in APO but who missed the formal pledging. Completely equipped. It was p a s ea intact except for a provision a 11 o t i n g u S2OO a year salary for the business manager.

michael howitz handball shoes

If the police had withdrawn, the crowd would have dispersed without an incident. This tour is made in air-con air-conditioned, ditioned, air-conditioned, stream-lined coaches of the Atlantic Coast Line Railroad. Kickoff time is 3 p.

Thats blocks away. In the interests of orderly pro procedure, cedure, procedure, Kent noted, the board will "continue the policy of taking these petitions under advisement until the Florida Supreme Court acts within the spirit of the United States Supreme Court.

Sure, we have heard of some student who has gotten through college on his ability to circum circumvent vent circumvent the honor code.

michael howitz handball shoes

Several hundred of these rushees will never pledge a sorority, and upwards of a hund hundred red hundred more will never be initiated. It remains that tion of the Constitution from the way until we get a new construe- Supreme Court of Florida. Daily except Saturday and Sunday Sept.