How to create editorial calendar

how to create editorial calendar

For a long-form blog post, for example, a writer may need one to two weeks to research the topic and write a first draft. This will put articles with a rating of 3 at the top. Click on Repeat.

How to Create an Editorial Calendar for Content Marketing

Lead Source Detail: It is really difficult to come up with content ideas from scratch, so putting a framework in place is a great way to keep things organized and on track. This allows us to collaborate as a team and work together to develop the content. A few brilliant creatives get their best work done at the very last minute, but generally the opposite is true.

Decide who is responsible for updating the calendar. Is any of the content you plan to post out-of-date?

how to create editorial calendar

In the box that drops down, select Sort sheet Z to A. Reading and researching will inform much of your ideation.

how to create editorial calendar

PPC Term: Conclusion If you want to start creating compelling content on a regular basis, you need a great editorial calendar. Your middle-of-funnel content may include interactive content designed to attract leads and newsletter sign-ups, thus increasing your engagement with potential customers.

How to Create an Editorial Calendar for Content Marketing in 5 Easy Steps

According to the Content Marketing Institute, 92 percent of content marketers use social media to distribute their content. Before moving into publishing, make sure each piece of content has a compelling headline. Gather your key content marketing stakeholders for a team brainstorm. This is especially important if you have a few different buyer personas. If you manage content creation within WordPress, there are also several WordPress plugins you could use to support your content planning efforts.

When it comes to long-term editorial planning, few organizations are more advanced than magazines.

how to create editorial calendar

Be sure to have different types of content throughout the month. Once you have a lot of ideas to work with, start mapping out which ideas align with specific content pillars and content types, while taking into account major marketing campaigns, big rock content, SEO content, and seasonality.

I also recommend creating a few repeating post types. It also works well if you ever add freelance writers or ghostwriters to the team.

how to create editorial calendar

Before you attempt to define individual blog topics, you must first determine higher-level blog categories. A social media content calendar will help you post consistently across all platforms by ensuring that content is planned and scheduled in advance. If you have a plan for your future social content, you can schedule your posts in advance with a tool like Hootsuite. The other method is to take the next 8-12 weeks and do a little extra as you go.

A common mistake I see with entrepreneurs just starting with a content marketing strategy is running one giant series.