Erratic idle when warming

erratic idle when warming

Felix kaulu fgk Rep: I just changed my radiator and AC condenser. You'll hear a noticeable hissing sound once you get close to the leak source. So it's possible.

Is Your Car Idling Too Rough?

The car runs fine at start up but after 20 0r 30 miles, rough idling start occurring at stop lights. Therefore I don't think I can do that stomp test I hear about. Some manufacturers suggest replacing the spark plugs every 2 or 5 years or more, depending on the type of plugs your engine is using.

I'll look into that but tell me, why would a bad fuel pressure regulator only give a warm engine problems? No help. View Statistics: A dirty sensing element is the most common fault, but the sensor itself can develop other faults. Adjust the gap to specs using a wire feeler gauge.

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Rough idle, only when warm Cold engine starts, idles and drives easily. Check fuel pressure with a fuel pressure gauge. There are a number of sensors that may cause the engine hard to start when hot and may cause as well a rough idle.

CFJ Kenya. Other possibilities are spark plugs and wires. Check spark plug wires resistance using a digital multimeter, and replace them according to the maintenance schedule as described in your vehicle repair manual.

erratic idle when warming

Poor engine performance when cold or as it reaches operating temperature, hard starting, poor acceleration, rich fuel mixture at idle and stalling. I am still open to suggestions at this point, though my current plan is to replace the ignition coil.

erratic idle when warming

Funny thing is, it only made bubbles, no other stuff you mentioned like overheating and no coolant in the oil. Now for an update: Clogged cat sometimes will not throw a code.

erratic idle when warming

Also, check other ignition components like rotor, distributor cap, and ignition coil s for wear or damage.