Crossed legs when pregnant

Lying on your side is a better option when on the lounge, than sitting slumped and really relaxed back into the lounge chair. To find out more about "optimally positioning your baby for labour", and to help you understand this more fully, speak to your Midwife. While this does not matter so much during early pregnancy, later on it can affect the position that the baby moves into the pelvis, prior to labour starting.

Midwives suggest using the hands and knees position during your pregnancy, especially in the later stages from 25 weeks onwards, but particularly the last 6 weeks, to encourage your baby to be in the right position for labour. Your partner can easily rub your back in these positions, which is another benefit of using them. It is when we spend a lot of time sitting during our day that the baby is encouraged to be in the posterior type of position.

This can make having your baby harder and labour longer, as your baby will need to turn during labour to move down the birth canal vaginal passage the right way.

crossed legs when pregnant

Many people are most comfortable sitting with one leg crossed over the other. These positions will continue to encourage your baby to be or move into the right position during labour.

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Also sitting on a low stool where you are in more of a supported squat type of position is also another way of getting your pelvis and back into the right position.

Varicose veins. However, if you already have high blood pressure, try to avoid spending long periods of time with your legs crossed just to be safe. Veins become varicose when that blood gets backed up, collects, and causes bulging.

From worsening anxiety to making depression more likely, sugar is seriously harmful to your mental health.

crossed legs when pregnant

Sitting on a stool approximately 25 cm high with a cushion on it, with your back against the wall and your legs comfortably apart, can be used to practice this position without going down into a very deep squat. If you find your ankles swelling or your legs cramping, try sitting with both feet on the floor or elevated on a stool. This can cause pain in the lower back. When you regularly sit in a slouching type of position and your pelvis rocks backwards, this can encourage your baby to enter the pelvis in a "posterior" position as their back, the heaviest part of them, is more likely to be positioned against your back.

Midwives report there are more posterior babies born now days as compared to 20 or more years ago.

crossed legs when pregnant

Their jobs were more labour intensive than a lot of ours are now since the increased use of computers and modern appliances. Sitting in the car for long periods of time can also encourage a backwards tilt position of your pelvis, unless you consciously sit upright and with your pelvis slightly tilted forwards.

Is Crossing Your Legs Dangerous?

This is because crossing one of your legs over the other can cause a temporary spike in blood pressure. Balls are also available in many labour wards, and when you are used to using a ball it is easier to use it in different positions during labour.

Sitting on the floor in either a cross legged position or with your legs out will also assist your pelvis to be in the right position and will give you the chance to stretch your leg muscles so that you also become more flexible for labour. How about the dinner table? Using these positions regularly during your pregnancy will help to give you the best chance of "optimally positioning your baby", prior to labour.