What plants attract butterflies in michigan

John’s butterfly garden in Michigan

We need to uphold our stewardship of the earth and protect our ever changing planet instead of allowing the harm that is taking place.

Different areas of the garden can be used for these diverse needs.

what plants attract butterflies in michigan

I rarely plant anything in my wildflower meadow, I prefer to keep it natural and I worry about invasives. That's what I think happened here with me LOL! Lovely photos and concept.

what plants attract butterflies in michigan

If you want to add more milkweed, I can suggest saving your seeds from your butterflyweed this summer when the pods open and replanting them wherever you want more.

Newsletter Get the latest how-to and design inspiration articles plus special offers sent straight to your inbox. John429 - So many posts! Also, the nice thing about leaving up last years plants all winter and through early spring is there are no doubt butterfly chrysalis made in those plants that will hatch into next years butterflies and the seeds from the flower heads will be a nice winter bounty for birds.

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Nectar Sources: My wildflower meadow contains a 20 foot deep spring fed pond and several vernal ponds... On average, three times a week, depending on rain and outdoor temperature. Thank you so much, PerenniallyCrazy! I wish I was a butterfly!

Top 10 Native Plants for Your Michigan Garden

Add a "sunning stone" as a garden accent, so butterflies have a place to rest and absorb the heat from the sun, in order to start flying. That spring, I expanded my previously small vegetable garden into a much larger garden for not only native plants but my favorite annuals and butterfly nectaring plants. By planting native Michigan species, we support our unique natural habitats, biodiversity, and in turn support wildlife that depend on them.

what plants attract butterflies in michigan

Normally, I probably wouldn't have shared such a personal story like that but by the end of the day, having received so many kind, heart-felt comments, I felt really comfortable doing so. In regards to your question about the second photo down on the left, The rose colored flowers on the left side of the path are Swamp Milkweed.

I do cater to butterflies and hummers in my plantings.

what plants attract butterflies in michigan

Share Pin Email. Am also curious about the Buddleia. Autumn Turf Tips. It has been so fun to share my garden with you all and hear so many of your interesting stories too!