What is street view on my android

Using Google Maps Street view on your phone

Product feedback. A View represents a rectangular region of the screen, and is a fundamental building block for Android applications and widgets. Article Summary X 1. Tap and drag your screen to see your surroundings. You can change the zoom level programmatically by setting StreetViewPanoramaCamera.

what is street view on my android

At the bottom part, tap the name of the place or its address. Programmatic changes are still possible when the gesture is disabled.

Thanks for your valuable information about google map.

what is street view on my android

I like using Google Maps street view on my phone because I can easily see how the place looked like before I go there.

I shared a Google Map of my location on my website. Thanks for such a neat post! Open Google Maps. Long press to drag.

How to Use Google’s New Standalone Street View App to Explore the World

The Google Play services SDK client library includes a few Street View samples which you can import into your project and use as a basis for development. As soon as you do that, the app will bring up cards for every available Street View in the area. The animation interpolates between the current camera attributes and the new camera attributes. Street view in app. Since the development of technology is continuous, we can even use the Street View of Google Maps on our smartphones.

Yes, the Street View app lets you add your own Photospheres too.

Street View for Mobile

Visit chat. Sign up using Email and Password. Then read more about fragments, views, and customizing the panorama. Then use getStreetViewPanoramaAsync to set the callback on the fragment.

what is street view on my android

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