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Scholars of the KF. Eileen M. Interviews of Polish Victims of Nazi Persecutions. The KF Economic Conference.

Petition on German Concentration Camps

Eileen Murphy. National Security Advisor. Barbara J. Stanislaw Sojka, Musician, singer, composer, Warsaw. Still, to demonstrate our shared concern over this issue, we will add a note on this point to the stylebook and take extra care to try to avoid any further errors.

Our Impact. We also published a correction about the phrase "Polish concentration camp" in an obituary last fall. But we would like to reiterate that such instances, however unfortunate, are simply mistakes, and it is wrong to suggest that they reflect any malice or deliberate distortion. WHEREAS the media uses the historically erroneous terms "Polish concentration camp" and "Polish death camp" to describe Auschwitz and other Nazi extermination camps built by the Germans during World War II, which confuses impressionable and undereducated readers, leading them to believe that the Holocaust was executed by Poland, rather than Nazi Germany,.


WHEREAS educated journalists must know these facts and not cross the libel threshold of malice by using phrases such as "Polish concentration camps,". The New York Times Company. As we have already pointed out, editors immediately took steps to correct the erroneous references to Dachau in an online caption over the weekend. We understand the great sensitivity of this topic and regret that any such lapses have occurred.

Petition on German Concentration Camps. WHEREAS Poland was the first country invaded by Germany, and the only country whose citizens suffered the death penalty for rescuing Jews, yet never surrendered during six years of German occupation, even though one-sixth of its population was killed in the war, approximately half of which was Christian,.

After further discussions of the concerns raised by you and others, Times editors have decided to add an entry to the newsroom's stylebook specifically cautioning journalists to avoid misleading phrases like "Polish concentration camp. Vice President,. Add your name to the list using the form at right. Sign the Petition Please do not sign more than once. John Pawlikowski, Professor of Catholic Theology.

Ryszard Horowitz, Photographer, Auschwitz survivor. Zbigniew Brzezinski, Former U. Petition on Kosciuszko House.