Break action howdah pistol youtube

However, no double gun can produce the same point of impact at all ranges.

I also found the forend was a good place to support the handgun when shooting. Aiming the Howdah was simple when held either one- or two-handed.

Blued, case hardened Capacity: Pedersoli Howdah The tang-mounted safety and action release lever are easy to reach for righties and lefties. Up Next.

I found the double trigger to be slightly less than ideal. The Pedersoli Howdah.

break action howdah pistol youtube

If used for self-defense, spare ammunition would likely have to be carried loose in a pocket or dump pouch.

At very close ranges, 3 yards and in, the accuracy was good enough with. One thing is certain: The chambers accept standard. Similar to how a scope and bullet trajectory are only aligned at a specific point, the projectiles leaving a double-barreled gun also suffer from different impact points at different distances.

SEA Bears Bark - Sawed off shotgun

To me, this gun is better suited for the hobbyist. When pushed to the right, this lever allows the barrels to tilt down and expose the chambers.

break action howdah pistol youtube

I clearly saw this issue with the Pedersoli Howdah at a distance of 7 yards. Shooting with a support hand for maximum accuracy, I found the right barrel would hit the X-ring a little high, while the left barrel would hit left and slightly lower. Reloading the gun is easy but slow.

Pedersoli Howdah: Fun to Shoot, But is it Good for Home Defense?

The forend is also checkered to provide a good grip when breaking open the gun. When you are shooting the Howdah, fellow shooters at the range notice.

break action howdah pistol youtube

A shooting enthusiast will have a lot of fun with this pistol; I know I enjoyed shooting it quite a bit. The front dot drops into the V of the rear leaf sight and you are on target. If you have longer fingers, this may not be a problem.

break action howdah pistol youtube

To paraphrase the immortal words of Sheriff Buford T.