Whose army did alexander

whose army did alexander

The far-reaching schemes for the conquest of the western Mediterranean and the setting up of a universal monarchy, recorded by Diodorus Siculus , a 1st-century Greek historian, are probably based on a later forgery; if not, they were at once jettisoned by his successors and the army. Please try again later. Alexander introduced a new era in coinage, struck in vast quantities at a variety of mints from Macedonia to Babylon with uniform types and weights. Alexander was just 16 when Philip went to battle the Byzantiums and left him in charge of Macedonia.

Why did Alexander the Great leave his Indian Conquest Incomplete?

On his reaching the oracle in its oasis , the priest gave him the traditional salutation of a pharaoh , as son of Amon; Alexander consulted the god on the success of his expedition but revealed the reply to no one.

He also spent high amounts of money as compensation to parents and families of men who fell in battle. Alexander and his Royal Companions always fought on the right while Parmenio commanded the Thessalian Cavalry on the left flank. In November 332 he reached Egypt.

The Army of Alexander the Great

He crossed Asia into India , often fighting a force that outnumbered him. They provided uniforms - a simple idea that gave each man a sense of unity and solidarity. Alexander the Great at War.

whose army did alexander

Legend had it whoever unwound the knot would conquer all of Asia. Any text you add should be original, not copied from other sources.

For a weapon he carried a thrusting spear of five to eight feet in length.

whose army did alexander

From his accession Alexander had set his mind on the Persian expedition. In the meantime winter 333—332 the Persians had counterattacked by land in Asia Minor—where they were defeated by Antigonus , the satrap of Greater Phrygia—and by sea, recapturing a number of cities and islands.

Add to Favorites. Later in the same year he attacked Oxyartes and the remaining barons who held out in the hills of Paraetacene modern Tajikistan ; volunteers seized the crag on which Oxyartes had his stronghold, and among the captives was his daughter, Roxana.

Alexander the Great

A native of Scotland, he emigrated to the... Alexander Graham Bell is best known for his invention of the telephone, for which he received his first patent in 1876. The Horse, the Wheel, and Language: In 338 B.

whose army did alexander

Leaving Parmenio in Syria, Alexander advanced south without opposition until he reached Gaza on its high mound; there bitter resistance halted him for two months, and he sustained a serious shoulder wound during a sortie. Planning to build a fort for trading furs with the local Indians, Alexander Murray leads a heavily armed party into the Yukon River region of North America.

Fuller, J. Craterus , a high-ranking officer, already had been sent off with the baggage and siege train, the elephants, and the sick and wounded, together with three battalions of the phalanx , by way of the Mulla Pass, Quetta , and Kandahar into the Helmand Valley ; from there he was to march through Drangiana to rejoin the main army on the Amanis modern Minab River in Carmania.

Moreover, he needed the wealth of Persia if he was to maintain the army built by Philip and pay off the 500 talents he owed.

whose army did alexander