Who plays sonny in hollyoaks 2016

who plays sonny in hollyoaks 2016

Pakistan OK! The character had a tough time on the show from attempted murder, drugs, drinking, joyriding and more.

Hollyoaks: 21 most shocking deaths from Max Cunningham to Carmel McQueen and Ziggy Roscoe

As little Tom begged for O. Here, we take a look back at the 21 most shocking and emotional deaths in recent years. Lynsey had just survived murderer Silas Blissett's reign on the village, to then be strangled to death by Dr Paul Browning. Watch now.

Where is Hollyoaks' Josh Ashworth now? Sonny Flood looks nothing like this anymore

More On Sonny Flood Hollyoaks. Essex Police Firefighters 'hose people down' after 'acid attack' near shopping centre Witnesses at Chafford Hundred rail station, near intu Lakeside in Grays, Essex, described the shocking scenes.

United Kingdom OK!

who plays sonny in hollyoaks 2016

Hollyoaks' Stephanie Davis 'dating co-star Owen Warner' after meeting on set. Vijay Malhotra Younger.

Having been in the soap since the very beginning, viewers watched Max Cunningham grow up before their very eyes. Jeremy Kyle Jeremy Kyle viewers disgusted over guests with 'teeth like an ashtray' Megan appeared on the ITV daytime show to accuse her friend's estranged husband David of trying it on with her underneath the helter skelter - but fans were more distracted by the array of dodgy dentals.

who plays sonny in hollyoaks 2016

Actor Self. Cyprus OK! Sophie had grassed Sam up to the police after she found out he and his pal Andy Holt had sexually assaulted young girls, with Andy having raped Sophie's sister Mel.

who plays sonny in hollyoaks 2016

Fans were left distraught by the shocking death of Hollyoaks favourite Ziggy Roscoe on Christmas Day 2015. Ditching his floppy haired teen style, Sonny recently completed a law degree at the University of Manchester, working as a paralegal. Finding out he had been having an affair with her BFF Mandy Hutchinson, Louise took a gun to the ceremony hoping to kill him off.

Remember Josh Ashworth from Hollyoaks? He’s looking different – and has had a big career change!

Dom carried Tina out of the church and announced she had died in some of the soap's most emotional scenes. Sarah hurtled to the ground shouting for help as the others looked on, letting out one final ear-piercing scream before going eerily silent.

When Riley Costello was caught in the crossfire between Brendan Brady and Walker, no one could have expected what was coming. Part 2 2015...

who plays sonny in hollyoaks 2016

AJ Da Silva uncredited. Ziggy passed away in an armchair during a Christmas party, leaving fans in shock [Lime Pictures].