What happened in 1945 mayflower

I really liked this page about the Mayflower.

what happened in 1945 mayflower

I am decended from John Clarke, 1st mate of the Mayflower. My son and I are trying to find out how big the anchor on the Mayflower was and are not having any luck.

what happened in 1945 mayflower

I do know that the ship had multiple anchors though, a main anchor and some smaller anchors, as did all ships. Jones never ventured into the North Sea with the Mayflower again and instead went back and forth between France and Spain delivering wine, cognac and vinegar, according to the book Mayflower: With winter approaching and a short supply of food and beer, they decided to go no further and dropped anchor off the coast of Cape Cod in Provincetown harbor.

These pilgrims were some of the first settlers to America after they established the Plymouth colony. The Mayflower set sail from England along with another ship, the Speedwell, on August 15, 1620.

what happened in 1945 mayflower

The ship began leaking during a storm on the way back to England and the crew had to dump some of its cargo overboard to save it. This is second time I read: Happy 396th Thankgiving for everybody.

What became of the ship Mayflower - Paul Harvey

Lots of illegal stuff. I am from the descendants that was one of the passengers of the Mayflower.

what happened in 1945 mayflower

Also, in my History of the First Thanksgiving article I have a list of all of the surviving pilgrims at the First Thanksgiving. Clements cemetery. A series of storms caused the ship to leak and the main mast to crack.

Amanda, could you try to make a site probably on this site of all the passengers if you can? Christopher Jones passed away the following year, on March 5, 1622, and his widow, Josian, inherited the Mayflower.

what happened in 1945 mayflower

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The History of the Mayflower Ship

Would you be able to recommend any other sources of information? Although the pilgrims had intended to land in northern Virginia, when they reached the shore they realized they were in New England. We were informed several years ago that the Corp family was traced back to the mayflower by the Town of Stillwater NY historian.

Penguin Group, 2006. I am always looking for family history stories, names, etc.