What brand glasses does julia gillard wear

Being the first female prime minister I had to navigate what this appearance standard was going to be for me. News Corp Australia Network January 31, 2013 1: I bet she's aware. It felt to me that the binary stereotypes were still there, you could be a good woman or a bad woman. Or a male politician being described as deliberately barren as I was.

Prime Minister Julia Gillard's new glasses have a Twitter account

Shelly Horton Twitter Email. Marathon election will expose Gillard. Maybe she wants to be seen to look even more intelligent? License this article. You Might Also Like. When you remain famous as the first woman Prime Minister of Australia, you have to carry yourself with elegance and panache.

Gillard's election call marked by witty Twitter memes. Julia Gillard: Alex Ellinghausen. Big winner Another winning Lotto ticket in Perth. Camera Icon Send us your pictures.

This definitely does not work the same way for women. Andrew Clennell: Their prescription lens is often customizable, as is the lens material.

New campaign, new look?

The latest on how we live and work. By investing in a smart pair of Ray Ban eyewear, you will be sure to turn heads where you go. Her favorites seem to border around rose color rims that go with her hair.