Mark hood singing what do you mean

I think the show has really shown me that my direction needs to stay you know where I am right now and I need to keep pouring my heart into music. A Yes I was actually really, really excited about my song choice for next week. And I really feel like the show has helped me to see that and helped me to realize the avenues that I want to take to start releasing music.

mark hood singing what do you mean

And just performing freely without worrying about what people think about it and just doing what I love without any inhibitions, without any notions, without any expectations for it to look a certain way or be a certain way or please the right people. What To Watch This Week. And it was such a pleasure to work with him and soak up his insight. Keeping up with Mark: But for this — national TV — I said: His background: Email required: Wait a year, ladies.

Mark Hood Covers "What Do You Mean" In 'The Voice' Live Playoffs And Dances His Way Into The Top 12

Judging from his pre-audition interview, that charisma carries over into everything Mark Hood does. If you have the work ethic and the passion to keep making music after the show the opportunities are going to come to you if you put in the work and if you have what it takes.

mark hood singing what do you mean

I mean everybody this year is really performing at such a high level and I think even this past week was really kind of a breakout moment for everybody.

Well, it's no secret that this season is packed with talent, but Hood definitely has a fighting chance — it just depends on what the audience is looking for.

Mark Hood - What Do You Mean? - Studio Version - The Voice 9

Your email address will not be published. A Well one thing that I really want to do in the industry is I really am passionate about so many different kinds of music and I want to create a different sound and a different genre every time that I make an album.

Q What do you plan next musically? A Oh man, well everything has been so great; all the people that work on this show are so great.

2 Chicago-area singers advance on 'The Voice'

Q Do you have plans to come back to Richmond? So that was one that I definitely had picked out that I was going to do next week for sure. Q Were there any songs that you had in mind that you were hoping you could perform on the show? Despite being plagued by the worst instance of offbeat audience clapping to date, he keeps it steady.

Looking back do you think that gave you an advantage or actually a disadvantage because you missed out on additional insight from another coach that maybe could have helped you grow or maybe possibly even stick around longer?

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So for me, it was honest. Watch now.

mark hood singing what do you mean

Former Voice champions are baaaaaaaack. Mark Hood Team Pharrell Season 9. Ivonne Acero, a steal from Team Pharrell, is already a winner: