How to make an applique headband

Then slip it on and look fancy! My outlines consist of 3 or 4 different colored bicones, and they really play off of each other in different lights!

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See photo below for reference. Every time I cleaned the studio, I dreamed about using it but never knew on what. Place 2 bicone crystals on your needle and push them down the thread.

how to make an applique headband

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Wonder Woman Inspired Headband and Cuffs Tutorial

Once I made my way around, I decided to add a second outline with the bicones. Then, cut 4 from your fabric. How to Make a Braided Headband. Turn headband and applique over. Leave a comment below!

how to make an applique headband

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how to make an applique headband

Roll the end of your material from one side and hot glue the material to itself so it doesn't unroll. Do not miss another post.

DIY Headband Made from a Lace Applique

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how to make an applique headband

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how to make an applique headband

Did anyone else notice that winter hit overnight? Learn to make braided hair wraps for a girl's-day-in spa day. Wonder Woman Inspired Cuffs Supplies Silver fabric I used a stretchy leather-like dance wear silver fabric; it was awesome! Blog Home.