How to find limited edition trashies

With the trading cards , there are no methods. The packs listed below are the only packs you can get a Limited Edition in, but will rarely have them.

How To Get Limited Editions

Sign In Don't have an account? Some people believe that they are randomly packaged, which is true. Dani3204 wrote: And they are only available in one different pack, or 2 for Series 4 Limited Editions.

Retrieved from " https: Series 4 Limited Editions are quite easy to find since they are made of plastic when you shake the pack it will make a thumping noise different from other packs.

Trash Pack Limited Edition

Block that lier he lies and doseny even have an accant it only takes like a minute to make... Hey Wiki Contributor also known as Mr. There can only be one limited edition in a pack.

how to find limited edition trashies

Kackey kettle444. Many people wonder how to get Limited Editions. You will just have to buy a lot of packs and hope you get lucky. In a 12 Pack the limited edition is always in the bottom row of the bins.

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how to find limited edition trashies

Limited Edition Trashies are the hardest trashies to find in each series. Supereggy5 wrote: Lizardninga567 wrote: Flying Fungus: Minecraftwillywonkatrash wrote: Contents [ show ].

how to find limited edition trashies