What does herds means to an end

what does herds means to an end

Sentences Sentence examples. Fruits and vegetables are plentiful, and there are large herds of buffaloes, goats and sheep. This fact and their reports of the immense herds of elephants which roamed the bush led Simon van der Stell, then governor at Cape Town, to despatch 1689 the ship " Noord " to Port Natal, with instructions to her commander to open up a trade in ivory and to acquire possession of the bay.

In this festival Pales was invoked to grant protection and increase to flocks and herds ; the shepherds entreated forgiveness for any unintentional profanation of holy places of which their flocks might have been guilty, and leaped three times across bonfires of hay and straw Ovid, Fasti, iv.

The bison, which once ranged the plains in large herds , have been exterminated; the moose and the elk are found only occasionally in the wilder regions; mountain sheep, antelope, black and grizzly bears, wolves, coyotes and lynx " wild cats " are also becoming rare. Silkworms are reared.

what does herds means to an end

Irish tradition represents the future apostle as tending the herds of a chieftain of the name of Miliucc Milchu , near the mountain called Slemish in county Antrim, but Bury tries to show that the scene of his captivity was Connaught, perhaps in the neighbourhood of Croagh Patrick.

Slaughter-houses, cattle markets and grain markets have been erected at Gorgie, thus obviating the driving of clocks and herds through the streets, which was constantly objected to. The end of the war found the llanos a desert, both herds and herdsmen having nearly disappeared.

Herds Sentence Examples

The dairy industry is well established, and Natal butter commands a ready sale. In colonial times the llanos were covered with immense herds of cattle and horses and were inhabited by a race of hardy, expert horsemen, the llaneros. Herds Sentence Examples. Both cattle-breeding and sheep-grazing are more profit able than dairying; but the Kirghiz herds are not well tended, being left to graze on the steppes all the year, where they perish from wild animals and the cold.

In Mongolia the population is essentially nomadic, its wealth consisting in herds of horned cattle, sheep, horses and camels.

Collective nouns for animals

Home Sentence Examples herds. This did not save her from the Pharaoh, who took her into the royal harem and enriched Abram with herds and servants. Some herds of cattle and horses run wild; but these were, of course, introduced, as were also the wild hogs, the numerous rabbits and the less common hares.

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what does herds means to an end

It may be noted that despite the existence of these collective nouns, ordinarily a group of plovers , starlings or owls will most likely be denoted, in both spoken and written English, by the term flock and not congregation, murmuration or parliament. Small herds of pet chickens roam the yards of many of the homes in Portland, and parks overflow with roses and wild mushrooms. Formerly giraffes were found in large herds , but persecution has reduced their number and led to their extermination from many districts.

Herds of buffaloes, and the few peasants who watch them, are now the only occupants of this once thickly populated and garden-like region.