How did the godfather part 1 end

The Godfather (1972)

Two of the highest-ranking Barzini family enforcers were shot to death in a restaurant in Mulberry Street. Audible Download Audio Books. Sign in. If you haven't seen it, just watch it. IMDb More.

how did the godfather part 1 end

New York City. Contents [ show ].

Michael is presiding over the baptism of his sister's child. Start a Wiki. Shock Rating. Victor was on his way to a meeting, when he was shot down in an elevator along with his bodyguard by Peter Clemenza. Movies - 1960-1979. The Best Scores of Movies. When the aging head of a famous crime family decides to transfer his position to one of his subalterns, a series of unfortunate events start happening to the family, and a war begins between all the well-known families leading to insolence, deportation, murder and revenge, and ends with the favorable successor being finally chosen.

Regis Hotel. The Don barely survives, which leads his son Michael to begin a violent mob war against Sollozzo and tears the Corleone family apart. New York City Outcome: The business of the family is just like the head of the family, kind and benevolent to those who give respect, but given to ruthless violence whenever anything stands against the good of the family.

Baptism of Fire

But tragic circumstances make him face the legacy of his family. Edit page. Drug dealer Virgil Sollozzo is looking for Mafia families to offer him protection in exchange for a profit of the drug money.

how did the godfather part 1 end

It's official: I'm Still Here! Corleone victory. Michael, the young and idealistic son of Vito Corleone, the head of the most powerful Mafia clan in New York, returns home as a war hero and is determined to live his own life.

how did the godfather part 1 end

Through Michael's life the nature of the family business becomes clear. Two of the biggest shylocks on the waterfront disappeared, only to be found months later in the New Jersey swamps.