Ford contour alternator how to

ford contour alternator how to

Use a torch to heat up the flange nuts and bolts before separating the rear flange connection of the pipe and the front flange to manifold studs connection. Her areas of interest include culture and society, automotive, computers, business, the Internet, science and structural engineering and implementation. No new notifications!

ford contour alternator how to

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Once the battery is drained, you won't be able to do any at all. To install, reverse the procedure. Attach the Tie Rod End Puller to the tie rod by placing the tie rod end in the channel on the top of the steel grip of the puller, and twist the screw clockwise until the tie rod comes free.

Since each motor offered in the Ford Contour sits sideways in the engine compartment, the drive belt and pulleys it routes to including the alternator are located on the passenger side.

Align the Contour between the car lift posts, but do not lift yet. Pull the cotter pin from the ball joint stud where it connects to the wheel knuckle in the wheel well.

Cougar Repairs - Alternator Replacement

Unplug all the wires and connectors attached to the alternator. Remove the tire.

ford contour alternator how to

Related Questions. Lift the Contour all the way up to remove the front exhaust Y-pipe from the exhaust system. There will be one at the top, one at the bottom and one in the rear holding the alternator in a bracket attached to the car frame. When I go back to start it , just acts pike no fuel or its having a hard time sometimes if I get it to start Of can put it in nureal and floor it after a min out will rev and go if not I have to s... Tap on the outer spline of the half shaft to make sure it is separated from the hub.

Park the car on a level surface.

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About the Author Cassandra Tribe has worked in the construction field for over 17 years and has experience in a variety of mechanical, scientific, automotive and mathematical forms. Start a new Ford Contour question. Remove the belt from the pulley. The Contour has an unusually complicated design, and you will become far less frustrated if you do not feel under a time pressure to do the job.

I did not hear any changes in how the car starts or how long it takes. Remember to use a new cotter pin at the nut on the ball joint stud.

ford contour alternator how to

Asked by LeeOverHead Jan 27, 2007 at 02: Loosen the lug nuts on the driver's side tire.