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Super Targeter

Scaling Your Business With Real Data

How We Do it

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Tap Into New Client Data From All Major Networks!

Over 50 Billion precision targeted impressions available every single day!

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What is Retargeting?


It's the most inexpensive way to reach your audience

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Precision Targeting


Precision Targeting helps you target OTHER people’s traffic and
increase your own profits by bringing you high converting target clients

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Perfect Audience Targeting


We can help you develop a perfect client profile based on your
existing clients and target only those clients.

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Reach Your Clients On Every Device

Smartphone, Tablet or Computer

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Reach Your Clients When They're Ready to Buy

RealTime ReTargeting

Recapture lost customers and bring them back to your site for pennies on the dollar ! The secret weapon that helps you drive conversion and profits.

Precision Targeting

Precision Targeting helps you target OTHER people’s traffic and increase your own profits by bringing you high converting target clients your competitors are after all while lowering your ad costs at the same time. It’s just jaw dropping awesome.

Perfect Audience Targeting

Perfect Audience Targeting is custom targeting based on your own client profile. We can help you develop a perfect client profile based on your existing clients and target only those client types with the lowest cost advertising possible !


The Perfect Client

That is what we deliver for you. That’s our goal!

  • Not just to bring you targeted traffic
  • Not just to help you lower ad costs
  • Not just to raise your profits

but to deliver to you your ideal customer, the perfect customer, your perfect client. The one who is happiest to buy your service and even promote you to their friends because their experience of you is so great and because…they are…your perfect client!

So how do we do that? Watch the video to find out!

Why Choose Us?

Our Target Rich custom ad platform is a real time ad buying and auction platform with over 50 Billion Impressions available each day. Using precision targeting that allows you to reach out and touch the most highly coveted target market and a custom sales and conversion funnel that ensures you get sales and leads, there is only one platform you need to grow your profits and expand your business. That platform is right here, at Super Targeter.

We don’t just sell ads, we grow businesses.

We choose our clients carefully, ones that have growth potential and the demonstrated appeal of a niche defining product or service. Our strategy centers around optimizing your entire funnel, from your initial brand awareness (people knowing you even exist) to conversion (visitors expressing interest) to closing (sales) and even to after sales customer service and follow up.

We don’t just buy media for you at the best bang for the buck because that would not be enough. We help you optimize every single part of the buying and customer satisfaction process so you can grow the bottom line, your profits and help you retain loyal raving fan customers who will spread your message on social.

Our team has a combined 30 years experience in digital advertising, business strategy, and customer service. We are generalists with a deep knowledge and experience of marketing, service operations, and digital technology and we bring years of client project management expertise to the process of turning around your marketing so that every element of your company improves the way you serve clients and keep them happy.

Other companies may sell you ad space, we help you grow your business.

Our Skills

What % of our Clients Actually Use Our Services

Super Targeting 100%
Retargeting 80%
Precision 20%
PerfectAudience 100%

Perfect Audience 100 % ?

We fudge that a little (only) in that 100% of our Precision Targeters are using it and the Retargeters are gaining a more perfect audience in reaching out to lost customers.

7 Reasons Why You’ll Love Retargeting

It Helps You Recapture LOST CUSTOMERS !

It saves you money on every ad spend

It increases profits from every campaign

It Boosts Your Branding For Next To Nothing

It will give you 2X the click through rate

It Costs Pennies On The Dollar !

It Helps You Test Campaigns For Less!